Membership Overview

The Madison Network of Black Professionals (MNBP) strives to attract a diverse membership.  Current members have careers that span virtually every industry including: banking, real estate, non-profit, insurance, education, government, law, politics and much more.


  • Each of our monthly lunches are free of charge.  You also have the ability to host/sponsor a lunch.
  • Ample opportunities to make contacts, exchange ideas, and interact with other black professionals.
  • Receive special invites to partnership and networking opportunities.
  • Full online access to the MNBP website, which includes access to the membership directory as well as community resources.  You will also be able to submit events, activities, and jobs information directly on the website.
  • Gain personal fulfillment by participating in MNBP volunteer activities.

  • Contribute to projects, initiatives, and policies that impact the Greater Madison Area.
  • Recognizing the importance of relationships, MNBP provides notice of social events where our members can often attend social outings, concerts, and theater engagements together, free of charge or at a discounted price.

  • Want to express yourself and gain experience? Opt for leadership in the organization, serve as a committee chairperson or volunteer on a committee.
  • MNBP provides various professional development and networking opportunities through out the year.


  • Participate in various MNBP events such as monthly Network Luncheons, First Fridays, CEO forums and actively recruit members.
  • Coordinate, host, sponsor a lunch, a community activity or event and invite the Network
  • Help promote and provide information that helps advance our professional and personal objectives as African Americans in the Greater Madison Area
  • Participate as a member of the Network in community activities and events during the year.

  • Actively support, through attendance, fellow Network members activities and events.
  • Actively support the Network by offering ways to help accomplish Network goals and administrative duties as needed.


  • $45 annual membership

Application Process

  • Prospective members should attend at least one event prior to applying for membership
  • Complete the online membership application.
  • Submit the membership payment 
    • at the monthly lunch or other MNBP event;
    • online via credit card; or
    • by check or money order. Checks should be made payable to Madison Network of Black Professionals and mailed to:
      Madison Network of Black Professionals
      P.O. Box 1313
      Madison, WI 53701
  • You may apply for membership at any time during the year.
  • Application forms should be completed in full. Please give contact address, telephone, and email addresses. We normally communicate via email. Please indicate which email address you would like information sent to and which contact number you would like included in the MNBP Directory.
  • When we receive your application, it will be recorded in our database and submitted to the Membership Coordinator for review. After we have both your membership fee and your completed application form, you will receive letter confirmation receipt of payment with your website log-in credentials to receive full access to the Network website.

What does it mean to be a Non-member (Guest)?

  • The very first luncheon you attend is free.  You many attend additional lunches for a $10 fee.  Many other events will have a fee as well.
  • Limited access to the MNBP website
  • You have access to a network of Black Professionals to whom you can reach out to as it meets your needs by attending our events as well as receiving information through our mailing list.
  • At anytime you can become a member by attending our event and paying the membership fee.