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Sponsorship/Partnership Opportunities

The Madison Network of Black Professionals places a high level of importance and value to the relationships we build throughout the Madison/Dane County metro region. These partnerships and sponsorships help provide funding for networking and professional development events that continue to make the opportunities we provide our membership a valuable resource and to help keep our membership fee affordable.

We welcome your sponsorship of the various Network events held throughout the year.  If YOU would like to host or sponsor a luncheon and/or event, please inquire at By agreeing to host a meeting, you will be providing the Network with a facility to hold a meeting.  You may also sponsor a meeting by providing a meeting location and lunch. Our luncheons are held between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., usually on the first Tuesday of the month.  We also welcome your suggestions and collaborative events.

Some of the Madison Network of Black Professionals signature events include:

  • CEO Forums
  • Monthly Luncheons
  • First Friday Networking Events
  • Annual Picnics and Holiday Gatherings


The ABC Values of the Madison Network of Black Professionals

Accessibility references the degree to which our professionals and partners are available to as many people as possible. Accessibility is viewed as the networks “ability to access” and benefit from professional memberships and partnerships. This is about making professionals accessible to pursue professional employment and networking opportunities and providing our business partners with a venue to access a diverse group of professionals within their communities.

Belonging references the intent of MNBP to build and maintain professional relationships with an ever expanding network of mentors, influences, contacts and acquaintances. The network shall provide all of its members with a professional inner circle where members feel a mutual trust, appreciation and camaraderie. MNBP plays a crucial role in finding meaning, work, and developing careers for its diverse professionals in Madison as well as identifying qualified human resources for the network’s partners.

Connectedness references the strength of interdependency which exists within partnerships. It is through these partnerships that members of the network and sponsors internalize ideas and concepts from various communities and interest groups as members remain connected. Many scholars conceptualize learning as an acculturation process, including skills, theories and processes.

This socio-centric view proposes that knowledge is the product of interactions of groups of people over time as we collaborate and learn to understand the cultures and practices of various professional communities and businesses. MNBP continues to establish multiple connections within the greater Madison area and throughout Dane County to strengthen its professional opportunities for its members.

Ultimately, the network would like to encourage people who live in Madison to stay in Madison. By creating a network and outlet for people of color the network not only reinforces and supports what members do in their professional lives but more importantly connect on a personal level so members feel engaged in the Madison community.