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April 2016



March 2016

3/31/16:  Capital City Hues: MNBP Board Member, Derek Johnson, Emerging Leader

3/21/16:  Madison365: MNBP Advisor, Carola Gaines, one of the organizers of Delta Statewide Founder’s Day

3/17/16: Capital City Hues: MNBP Member Nasra Wehelie, Fund Developer for MUM (Madison Urban Ministry)

3/17/16: Capital City Hues: MNBP Board Member Marilyn Ruffin, participated with Madison Links, “Yes, I Can Conference” for Middle School Girls

3/17/16: Capital City Hues:  MNBP Member, Hazel Symonette, one of AKA organizers for “Men Who Cook Fundraiser”

3/15/16: Madison365: MNBP Board Member, Corinda Rainey-Moore, named one of 2016 YWCA Women of Distinction

3/14/16: Madison365: MNBP Board Member, Marilyn Ruffin, participated with Madison Links, “Yes, I Can Conference” for Middle School Girls

3/3/16: Capital City Hues:  MNBP Board Members, Corinda Rainey-Moore and Marilyn Ruffin, participated in “Wear Red Day & Solomon Carter Fuller Memory Day”

3/3/16: Madison365: MNBP member, Nasra Wehelie, MUM Development Director

3/3/16: Capital City Hues: MNBP Members, Sabrina Madison, participated in “Wear Red Day”

3/4/16: Madison365: MNBP Member, Milele Anana, leaving a leagacy of UMOJA Magazine

3/3/16:  Capital City Hues: MNBP Members, Marilyn Ruffin and Corinda Rainey-Moore, participated with Madison Link & met the cast of Motown the Musical at Madison Overture


February 2016

2/26/16: Madison 365: MNBP Member: Carola Gaines for  6th Annual African American Youth Career & College Fair

2/19/16:  Madison 365 MNBP Board Members: Marilyn Ruffin and Corinda Rainey Moore, participants and committe members of 5th Annual National Red Day for Heart Health

2/25/16:  The Madison Times:  Congratulations to MNBP Member, Milele Chikasa Anana, for publication of Dane County Black Business Directory

2/18/16: Capital City Hues: MNBP Members April Kumapayi, Anglinia Washington, Vanessa McDowell, attending Delta Heart & Soul Scholarship Ball

2/18/16:  Capital City Hues:  MNBP Member Oscar Mireles, poem written “Butterflies of Madison” dedicated to Immigration Protest at WI State Capital

2/18/16:  Capital City Hues:  The wife of MNBP member Wes Sparkman, is a local writer and was featured in “The Love Released” Book Launch (Catrina Sparkman)

2/4/16: Capital City Hues:  MNBP Board Member, Corinda Rainey-Moore,  was instrumental and assisted Dr. Consuelo Wilkins, speaker, for this year’s S. Carter Fuller Memory Screening Day

2/4/16:  Capital City Hues:  MNBP Board Member, Oscar Mireles, is celebrated as 1st Latino poet laureate in Madison


January 2016

1/21/16:  UW School of Education: MNBP President, Dawn Crim, works to retain Madison’s Black Professionals

1/21/16: Capital City Hues: MNBP President, Dawn Crim,  Forging new leadership in MNBP

1/21/16: Urban League:  MNBP Board Member, Corinda Rainey-Moore, MLK Breakfast

1/15/16: Madison Magazine: MNBP President, Dawn Crim, article on keeping talent in Madison

1/15/16:  Vera Court News:  MNBP Board Member, Corinda Rainey-Moore, Board of Directors

1/1/16: Brava Magazine: MNBP Board Member, Marilyn Ruffin,  honoree, Woman to Watch in 2016

1/1/16: Brava Magazine: MNBP Board Member, Corinda Rainey-Moore, honoree, Woman to Watch in 2016

1/1/16: Brava Magazine: 1st Fridays DJ, Vanessa McDowell, honoree, Woman to Watch in 2016


December 2015

12/17/15 Madison Magazine: Nia Enemuoh-Trammell, one of new faces of Madison Leadership

12/15/15 Madison Magazine: Annette Miller and Bonita Nunez, business industry experts

12/07/15 Oscar Mirales named City of Madison Poet Laureate


November 2015

11/19/15 madison365: Dawn Crim receives Rotary Club of Madison Community Service Award.

11/10/15 madison365: Marilyn Ruffin a member of the Madison Metropolitan Chapter of the Links Inc. hosts its’ community recognition and scholarship jazz brunch.

11/06/15 madison365: Andrea Levy a member of Women Focus celebrates 30 years of “I have a Dream Ball”.

11/5/2015 madison265: Maurice Cheeks, one of Madison’s African American entrepreneurs lead by by example by breaking down high tech barriers


October 2015

10/22/15 Madison Magazine Mark Richardson, one of the founders of GigBlender, a social, innovating career match making service.

10/16/15 madison365: Annette Miller, Dr Floyd Rose & Michael Johnson among people featured in Black Power: The 28 Most Influential African Americans in Wisconsin.

10/15/15 Capital City Hues: Network member Toriana Pettaway appointed City of Madison’s Equity Coordinator.

10/04/15 Wisconsin State Journal: Timothy Gaillard, UW Health senior vice president/chief operating officer featured Minorities underrepresented in Madison-area business leadership positions.


September 2015


Carola  A. Gaines was awarded the Exceptional Community Collaborator Award from the Urban League of Greater Madison.


June 2015


06/11/15 Capital City Hues: 2015 Divine Nine Day at the Capitol features several Network Members including Carola Gaines smiling broadly in her Red and White representing the ladies of Delta Sigma Theata.

06/11/15 Capital City Hues: Dawn Crim and Annette Miller served as co-chairs on the education committee and economic development respectively as the Justified Anger coalition unveiled their “Our Madison Plan


May 2015


05/28/15 Capital City Hues: Marilyn Ruffin and Sheila Gee recognized for winning Outstanding Educators and mentors awards from the 100 Black Men of Madison, WI.

05/28/15 Capital City Hues: Executive Director of the Omega School and member Oscar Mireles host the 2015 Omega School Adult Prom at Cuna Mutual.


April 2015


04/16/15 Capital City Hues: Oscar Mireles from the Omega School, and Dawn Crim speak at the African American Council of Churches of Greater Madison Community Forum “All Lives Matters” .

04/16/15 Capital City Hues: Marilyn Ruffin is featured in the newly elected officials photo on the cover and in the reflections column by publisher Jonathan Grambling “a historic moment”.

0.4/02/15 Capital City Hues: Corinda Rainey-Moore, Connie Samuels and Janine Stephens recognized at the Urban League Young Professionals Emerge Gala awards. Read The Young and the Bright.


March 2015


03/15/15 Capital City Hues: Dawn Crim and Anglinia Washington attended the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March, Read Dawn’s accounts and view their photos here .


February 2015


02/05/15 Capital City Hues: Marilyn Ruffin becomes the first African American elected to the Sun Prairie School Board. Her term will run through 2017. Read why she ran for office.




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