MNBP Executive Team Needs Your Leadership!

MNBP Executive Committee Nomination Form

Nominee name: __________________________________________

Nominee email address: ___________________________________

Nominee phone number: __________________________________

Is the nominee a current/financial member □ YES or □ NO

How many years has the nominee been a member? _____________

2020 -2022 MNBP Vacant Positions
(Please choose the position(s) the nomination submission is for)

□ President

□ Vice President

□ Secretary

□ Treasurer

□ Membership Chair

□ Luncheon Coordinator

□ First Friday Coordinator

□ Professional Development Chair

□ Webmaster/Social Media (FB, Twitter, InstaGram, etc.)

All nominees are to be present at the November 12, 2019 luncheon. If the nominee will not be present–a picture, bio and statement as to why the nominee is interested in the position is requested.

Please email the information to the Sharon Johnson, Secretary at no later than Tuesday, October 29, 2019 by midnight.

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