Membership Structure

The work, activities, and planning of the Network is guided by the executive committee. The executive committee has the following functions:

  • Oversee and develop policy and procedures
  • Create and manage by-laws
  • Review overall direction and leadership of the organization
  • Mentor our members as needed/or asked
  • Conduct outreach to members to help their professional development

MNBP Executive Committee

All executive committee officers must be paid financial members of MNBP.  The executive committee consists of the following officers:

President (2 year term)

  • President is the face of the organization and represents the network in the community.
  • Presides over general meetings and executive board meetings.
  • Accountable for ensuring that strategies are in place to fulfill the network’s mission, vision and agenda.
  • Provides workable agendas and determines order of business at general meetings and executive board meetings.
  • Provides assistance to committee chairs to help them do their jobs officially.
  • Initiates and maintains frequent communication with committee chair persons.
  • Strengthens relationships and promotes positive communication between network members.
  • Serve in advisory role for incoming President for 6 months following the end of term.
  • Is one of the two authorized Executive Board Members to make all payments on behalf of the Network (The other being the Events Committee Chair).
  • Serves as ex – oficio member of all committees.

Vice-President (2 year term)

  • Support the President as needed.
  • Performs all duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • Serves ex –oficio member of all committees.
  • Serves in advisory role for incoming Vice – President for 6 months following the end of term.

Treasurer (2 year term)

  • Nominated and elected by the outgoing Executive Committee.
  • Receives all of the money of the network from the President or Secretary and deposits it into the Network’s bank account within 48 hours.
  • Keeps an accurate record of the income and disbursements of the Network.
  • Reconcile the bank statement with the Network’s books between Executive Committee meetings.(Electronic version is acceptable).
  • Gives the Financial Report at each Executive Committee Meeting and submits a written copy to the Secretary.
  • Issues receipts for payments in form of check or cash.
  • Serves in advisory role for incoming Treasurer for 6 months following the end of term.

Secretary (2 year term)

  • Carries on official correspondence of the Executive Committee.
  • Records accurately all minutes of Executive Committee Meetings.
  • Makes minutes available at Executive Committee Meetings and to Network members prior to and/or at Luncheon meetings.
  • Work with President and members of the Executive Committee to prepare agendas for Executive Committee

Meetings, Monthly Luncheons, and assists with planning the Executive Committee Retreat.

  • Is responsible for checking the Network P.O. Box before Executive Committee meetings and Monthly Luncheon.
  • Serves in advisory role for incoming Secretary for 6 months following the end of term.
  • Prepares and distributes e-newsletter.

Membership Chair (2 year term)

  • Coordinates onboarding process for new members.
  • Gives a membership demographics report at each Executive Committee Meeting and submits a written copy to the Secretary.
  • Works with Treasurer and Secretary to collect, track and document the demographics of the members.
  • Develops and executes a member retention plan.
  • Works with the Executive Board to establish membership and retention goals.
  • Assists in the efforts to communicate with active and lapsed members.

Events Committee Chair (2 year term)

  • Develops and coordinates on-going events.
  • Works with President to coordinate monthly luncheons and First Friday events.
  • Confirms monthly luncheon details with host and/or sponsor.
  • Advises the communication committee of the luncheon details.
  • Responsible for obtaining attendee count for monthly luncheons.
  • Coordinates food delivery and DJ Services for monthly First Friday.
  • Point of contact for First Friday venue.
  • Must attend at least 75% of events planned by The Network.
  • Provides opportunities for members to network.
  • Oversees the event committee.
  • Distribute event information using constant contact, Facebook and other social media methods.

Professional Development Committee Chair (2 year term)

  • Provides personal and professional development opportunities.
  • Promotes job openings.
  • Oversees professional development committee.
  • Provides opportunities for members to network.

Webmaster Chair (2 year term)

  • Responsible for updating and maintaining the MNBP website.

The Executive Board is a subset of the executive committee and consists of the presidentvice presidenttreasurer, and secretary. In addition to the roles and responsibilities outlined above each member of the board must:

  • be a financial member for at least two years (at the time of position term);
  • be nominated by self or general membership (With the exception of Treasurer, who is nominated and elected by the executive committee); and
  • have been an active member of the Executive Committee or a Sub-Committee for at least two years (Active meaning attended at least 50% of all committee meetings verified by the committee chair).